This Sunday has been one hell of a productive day that started off with a trip to Starbucks for a coffee and getting stuck in by revamping my entire CV. So I've had this idea in my mind for a while now and if I leave it brew in my head any longer I won't actually get it done. As you can tell, I haven't been on the old blog for a long time which some of you may call a hiatus but I call it other commitments COUGH UNI COUGH. I don't have the time to just sit and write long ass paragraphs about my life or how I came about choosing a particular outfit and why I styled it the way I did. So in order to keep my blog alive, I'm just going to keep posting OOTDs (which lets be honest is what most of you are here for) with a little less text; something in between a snappy Insta caption and a proper blog post. A feature I will still keep and that I truly love is the spotify song suggestion at the end of every post. I'm ALWAYS listening to music and discovering new artists and whom I then immediately become obsessed with, so much that I just want to shout it out to the world yano.
Knit; Urban outfitters (sold out in this colour, similar colours here and here)/ hoody; Nike/ coat; alexa chung archive for M&S/ bag; ALL SAINTS/ shoes; Stella mccartney

P.S I constantly upload all my outfits on Looker (a fashion shopping app available on iOS) with direct links to purchase items that tickle you fancy, it makes it so much easier if you happen to be on your phone and find out that JW Anderson striped merino wool jumper is back in stock and you just need to get it ASAP before it sold out again.


This was the exact process of how I dressed myself this morning:
1. Put on the dress, it's 21 degrees, it's a no brainer
2. Let me dig out those pink socks, I'm sure I saw them somewhere. Does pink socks and black boots go? Let me try them on. 5 mins later, mmm not feeling it, the black just won't work
4. OH! I have these blue boots that I haven't worn in a while, how much colour can I incorporate into this one trip to town?
5. Am I being too bold wearing pink, blue and a red ruffle dress? Does it look like I'm dressed as the paper scraps of a crayola crayon in your pencil case? I ask my mum, she says it's alright. I guess it's alright. BUT I am walking around town and I want to be comfortable, maybe I should just put on my vans or would converse be better?
6. I put on the vans. Nah, I've been wearing trainers a lot recently, I want something different. I'm gonna put the boots back on but I'm ditching the pink socks. 
7. Shit I'm late, boots it is. Now I need to sort my hair out.

A lot of unnecessary thoughts play in my mind most mornings when deciding what to wear, sometimes it's as easy as plucking clothes out from your wardrobe and you already know what to wear. Other times you sit there not feeling the clothes you already have and end up wearing the same outfit from the other day because you know it worked and you felt good in it. A red dress with huge cold shoulder ruffles matched with blue boots looks comical on paper but IRL it's actually truly wearable. 
This past week I've had a massive clear out of my room. This clear out turned work out took about 5 days which would have been a hell of a lot easier if I wasn't a secret hoarder of all things nostalgic. I'm talking about a cumulative collection of birthday cards starting from when I was 13, memorable because a friend had given me a card with a printed out old school Ronaldo pic. Needless to say I obsessed over him during my teens and it passed my culling. I soon stopped writing birthday cards to my friends and family as in my head, it was just uneconomical. They'll read it, keep it for a few weeks and eventually throw it away (in the recycling bin I hope, global warming is real in spite of Trump's incredilous opinion) but it never occurred to me that there may be more like minded people who'd keep these trivial pieces of sentiment for years on end. The old precept used to be that whatever shoes I could fit in shoe boxes, I will and the rest would just have to be on full display much like the Selfridges sale. The problem of trying to figure out which pairs of shoes you put in which box comes at a later date. This of course limits the amount of 'walkable' space which I didn't realise I needed until now where I have a comfortable little cupboard stored full of my footwear and my clothes folded in their designated drawers under my bed. It's only when I stack them next to each other where there's a blurred line before I realise I have a zeal of zebras stockpiled into my drawers rather than variances of striped tops. 
Dress, zara/ boots, dune/ bag, stella mccartney*


I call these my Ibiza shoes, mainly because it's self explanatory. These are the shoes that every gal pal wears on a girl's holiday to one of these named destinations: Ibiza, Magaluf and Zante just to name a few. You'll most definitely have come across these shoes on Facebook of a group picture either at a boat or pool party, sometimes they come in white or with jagged soles. Ooooof. 

What I'm wearing, my huns, are a controversy. It's no secret that socks and sandals have exponentially grown in the past few years and is actually a somewhat sartorial fashion hack. Gone are the days of the real ugly socks and sandals combinations that the Romans can gladly take all the credit for (if you search the wikipedia page you'll know exactly what I mean). Some people may still be unconvinced after reading 'hot or not' tabloid trash, but lets get down to the biz. Would you wear this controversial coupling? 

Pros: less chance of blisters, ability to wear sandals in winter, can whack out those ugly tartan socks your grandma got you for christmas and pair them with sandals to make them look so ugly it's good. 
Cons: what is the meaning of con?
Top, Zara/ trousers, H&M/ shoes, TOPSHOP


I'm sat in a cafe wearing a very relatable Acne jumper that describes me almost better than Spotify's discover weekly and currently forcing myself to come up with something, anything, that may be worth your while reading (FYI it may not be but it'd nice if you stick around to the end). So, here's not one but a goldmine of outfits I've rounded up for you as well as the music I've been listening to this month; wrapped neatly in a monthly June playlist.

It's very easy to forget that blogging is some peoples' job when you're doing your morning scroll through insta, they'll have much more content and clothes to wear and style everyday for their audience. The reality is for everyone else is that we just don't have that many clothes and not everyone has the choice to wear different things every single day, if only we could justifying buying every time we see something we 'like'. I've recently shortened down my wardrobe size due to being a student, duh, but mostly to get rid of clothes I don't wear anymore so it's a win win non? Ok I'm pushing it a bit when I say 'shortened', it's still over filling to the point where I've got 7/8 commodities of outerwear clinging (for dear life I must say) to my wardrobe and on the back of my door at home. After selling a fair chunk of my clothes on depop, I have to reluctantly dig out clothes that I haven't touched since I was 13 and rediscovered some that just cannot be seen in broad daylight ever again. Onto the charity pile it goes. Au revior.
Ohhhh the good ol' American flag, now this I seriously haven't worn since the beginning of time, (remember when they were all the rage and Topshop plastered this print on pretty much anything they could get their hands on? By the way, yes this is from Topshop and I actually do have a similarly matching pair of shorts..) more specifically last time I wore this was when I met Harry Styles back in 2012 looking less fresh faced and make-up-less. 

The day I wore this leopard dress, I was headed to meet the blogger babe Megan Ellaby and support her charity sale, which was a major success where an incredible £5,400 was raised for the We heart Manchester emergency fund. That morning, I was actually sitting staring at my wardrobe for a good 20 minutes deciding what to wear and I must have changed my jacket at least twice before I left the house. You can't get more fail safe than a LLD (little leopard dress) with ruffles and a leather jacket. As plain as these outfits may seem, sometimes you don't need a magnitude of prints and colour to make a statement with your clothes. 
Thank god for my trusty pair of vintage 501s, I can always rely on them to get me through days where the temperature is the same as the age where you've accepted the concept of adulting where laundry is part of your fortnightly routine and a heated drying rack just doesn't excite you anymore. I still remember that exact day of going into pop boutique in afflecks with my friends and trying on a bunch of Levi's shorts in that tiny homespun changing room. You know when people ask you what you'd say to your younger self? Well here's what I'd say:

Buy them in every colour.